Nutexa Frictions is an experienced UK based friction manufacturing company for original equipment and the aftermarket - providing a quality you can trust.

The Company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality is synonymous with the Nutexa brand and we have a proven track record in manufacturing.

We have been established since the 1960’s and manufacture an extensive range of brake linings for over 500 applications. Supported by years of research and development to manufacturer high quality products we are able to meet your requirements for all popular vehicles and also to produce references that are now no longer available from other sources.

Disc brake pads (including kits and wear leads) can be supplied for the majority of applications.

Clutch facings are made to suit all current legislation requirements.

To compliment our range we can also supply, drums, disc rotors, clutch plates, cover assemblies, fan belts, retarders and lubricants.
All our products are produced to OE standards and we have approvals from Original Equipment manufacturers, the Ministry of Defence, major ship builders, repairers and Rolls Royce.