New and high quality refurbished shoes are available.

Refurbishment includes degreasing, shotblasting, linishing, painting and checking throughout for suitability prior to relining if required.

The following are WVA examples regularly handled by our facility:        
BC/80/1 WVA 19574 PB/22/1 WVA 19503 
BC/97/1 WVA 19094 RW/1/2/5 WVA 19017/19997
BC/98/1 WVA 19032 RW/9/13/3 WVA 19604/19605
FU/4/5/3 WVA 19370/19369  RW/34/35/1 WVA 19030/033  
IL/66/67/3 WVA 19036/19037 SJ/22/23/1 WVA 19516/19515  
LZ/4/5/1 WVA 19913/19912 SV/41/2 WVA 19932  
MQ/3/4/3 WVA 19783/19784 VL/87/2 WVA 19090  
MB/76/77/1 WVA 19582/19581 VL/88/2 WVA 19071  
MP/32/1 WVA 19495 VL/89/2 WVA 19068  

  As well as supplying the above mentioned shoes, we can supply many more references (either new or refurbished).